The opportunity

In 2013, Bacardi unveiled its new global positioning of Untameable Spirit. Our job was to elevate the brand from a drink for girls and dropouts and back on the radar for 18-25 year old males in bars around the world by celebrating the Cuba Libre, the original cocktail of freedom.

Beautifully cohesive idea

Gen-Yers may be addicted to tech. But on a night out, men still love a chance to compete for Alpha status. Bacardi’s irrepressible spirit was born from a proven mix of luck, skill, fate and fortune. To bring this to life we devised and built the world’s first two-player pinball game. 

Stellar results

The old-school design wouldn’t have looked out of place in bars back in 1862, and was such a huge hit from Shoreditch to Soho that we manufactured 500 more machines, unleashing the untameable spirit in 75 markets around the world.