Find your freak


How we’re all individuals now

With This Girl Can the clear winner of 2015’s most mood film-sampled campaign, every brand is clamouring to prove they’re down with the uncool kids and celebrate we’re all different by giving normals the stage.

(Just to be clear. These are not real normal people. Dove flogged that idea to death. But hyperreal ones. Like Birkenstocks lined with fur

It's not been about going the distance or doing the impossible for a while now. This is the age of celebrating quirks and raising your own bar.

Motivational line factory Nike kicked off this trend with the W+K Emmy scoring Jogger. Their epic Find your Greatness campaign went from strength to strength until the concept was weakened by the confusing Find your Fast, with us poor averages finding ourselves up against gladiators again. 

Grey nobly attempted to mobilise Lucozade’s hungover masses off the sofa and Find their Flow. Flawless concept, smooth delivery. So far so Grey. Not sure if the line quite carried enough meaning alone to prop it up in print though. 

Right Move’s Find your Happy neatly, or sloppily depending on your level of grammar pedantry, recognises that a house purchase choice is personal and simultaneously manages to bundle in another copy trend by turning an adjective into a verb.

About their lovely new Axe campaign, 72andSunny Creative Director Carlo Cavallone said, that along with individuality and authenticity, their focus was “inclusivity”. The male dancer in stilettos is certainly a refreshing twist on the Lynx Effect hero.

From a copy perspective, what I find interesting is that a series of campaigns all championing the individual can’t seem to differentiate their messaging.

So trans is the new black. And tokenism and cynicism aside, the fact advertisers are finally catching up with the film and fashion industries in targeting previously marginalised groups ought to be welcomed.

With any trend, there’s always a tipping point. As Carrie Bradshaw might say, how much more normal can we be? Or have we peaked and gone full freak?