Award winning work

We're generally happy in the Stellar studio that our creative work wins the minds of our clients and hearts of their audiences. But when somebody suggested we enter one in for an award we thought what the hell, could be fun! Then forgot it as quick as a Lottery ticket. 

So we were somewhat dazzled to wake up today to find a shiny Davey Award sitting in our inbox. Stellar's global campaign for Fast & Furious 8 had only gone and won silver in the Online Film/Video-Live Events category!


This year's judging panel are a veritable "who's who" of media, advertising and marketing from Condé Nast, Disney, Publicis, Microsoft and Yahoo!

Derek Howard, Executive Director said, “The agencies awarded this season truly reflect the notion that small agencies produce big ideas”. Why thank you Derek and Davey. It was a damn fine idea to be fair.   

Judge it for yourself.