Fly with Toothless around the world

Over the Christmas holidays, while Santa was on his way home, we were making even more dreams come true. With How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World due for global release, we launched a campaign that transports fans to the legendary place where all dragons are from.

HTTYD3_Promo Still_16x9.jpg

Throughout the much-loved franchise, one audience desire remains: to ride their favourite dragon, Toothless. To make their experience shareable, each user’s flight was captured in bespoke content starring them leading the dragon army in victory against Grimmel the grisly.

Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 16.46.47.png

The activation itself is a full 4D, 360 degree sensory experience. A light show, soundscape, wind machines and projectors create the sensation of flying into the Hidden World. But at the same time we are capturing real user reactions to render into a high quality personalised trailer of their adventure.

With a campaign rollout to the four corners of our world, from USA to UAE, watch out for Toothless flying somewhere near you this winter.

Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 16.47.33.png