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How To Train Your Dragon


Fly with Toothless


To promote the release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, we wanted to give fans the chance to ride Toothless and discover the legendary utopia all dragons are from.

We transported thousands of riders to the Hidden World, capturing their adventure in personalised trailers for them to share with their world.


45 locations


34,000+ participants

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8.6 million views

Discover the Hidden World

Participants were immersed in a 360 degree experience. We built a life-sized model Toothless and designed a light show, projection mapping, soundscape and wind machines to create the sensation of flying into the legendary dragon utopia.


Hollywood magic

The iPhone cameras and green-screen integrated into our custom event pod captured the user experience in real-time. Then we added special effects and edited their reactions into a seamless personalised trailer.

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Round the world flights

For the campaign rollout we had to make our complex system super easy for local market implementation, while maintaining Dreamworks movie quality. All the postproduction was created using our cloud-based system, controlled using universally available tech for global consistency.


Flying to victory

The activity was a huge success. We flew more than 34,000 users and influencers across 18 markets and 45 locations. The combined user generated content received over 8.6 million views.


*Study for the BFI by Northern Alliance and Ipsos MediaCT