The Longest Day


Make your audience
the campaign

The OnePlus community come from all walks of life but share one thing in common - love for their phones. So when it came to kickstarting the summer campaign, rather than engaging in brand posturing or listing product benefits, we gave the audience the stage.


Summer daze

The longest day of the year is the peak of summer. That tipping point when the heady days seem to stretch endlessly into the distance, but we’re aware that summer is short so we should go out and grab it.


Seize the longest day

We asked fans across Europe to seize the 21st June and live life to the fullest with the ones they love. And to be part of something great. This call to arms drove thousands to film what they got up to, from dawn to dusk, and post their video content with the #OnePlusGoExplore.


Break with tradition

We wove all the best bits into a crowdsourced anti-ad that celebrated their diversity, and the things they love about summer. All shot on the OnePlus. 

Our crowdsourced brand film showcased the energy and diversity of the OnePlus community, through the lens of their passion points. This way we spoke to this techie audience, who shun traditional media, and gave them something far more authentic. This is audience participation.