Extreme Unboxing


Turbo brief

High-flying smartphone brand OnePlus approached us with three weeks to create a
high-octane unboxing video to promote their new superfast 3T (the T is for Turbo).
The proposition was simple. Speed.


Picked up by industry online press 



2+ million views in 3 days



Fastest unboxing record
(to be confirmed)


Supersonic response

We scripted and produced the fastest unboxing ever, with YouTuber Jake Paul flying at 700MPH in a classic MiG-15 fighter jet over Prague, skilfully communicating the product features in a never-seen-before, white-knuckle delivery.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 17.54.07.png


The finished video and outtakes were distributed across OnePlus and Jake's channels, with YouTube views climbing to 1m in 3 days, with plenty of respect for the challenger brand.
"Most EPIC unboxing ever!!!"
"Take note, large-scale OEMs." 
"Before I was sceptical. Now I just want this phone."