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Be mine

OnePlus feels so much love from their customers all year round that on Valentine's Day they wanted to give some back. But how does a challenger brand stand out among the million dollar marketing campaigns at this cluttered time of year?


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One of the most viewed 2017 Valentine ads



Love in

OnePlus fans are passionate about their tech. And the brand is dedicated to listening to their fans. So we borrowed their heartfelt #OnePlus3T tweets for our script. The action makes the viewer believe each lover was speaking to another, but it is unclear who is with who…

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Phone porn

1 minute in and we realise the slick black object of their affections. The scene suddenly flips and descends into a never-seen-before tongue ballet.



Our polarising video became one of the internet’s hottest topics for Valentine's Day. With millions of views and thousands of WTFs. Some were repulsed and others rejoiced, spawning multiple reaction videos.

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