The brief

We needed to create an immersive experience for the new Peugeot 108 promoting the car’s customisable fashion finishes. Our challenge was to get an audience of millennial women, who wouldn’t be caught dead in a car showroom, behind the wheel and loving it.

The idea

As people love to dress up at festivals, we created and toured the #My108 Studio concept. Revellers chose from seven different design worlds and plundered the costumes before being transported via the magic of green screen, sharing for their chance to win a Peugeot 108.

The results

The Studio was constantly busy, with 3,732 glammed-up punters posing for #My108 postcard prints. 2,272 shared with their networks, not to mention the 446,035 more on Peugeot social, resulting in 6,531 new customers and loads more new female fans.