World leading brand immersion

PlayPod is our award-winning experience kit that brings audiences into your story.
Three years of R&D have perfected a unique backend process to automate
Hollywood post-production and special effects, for unlimited
personalised content to share in minutes.


Content that has to be shared

The best way to encourage your audience to share your content is to allow them to star in it themselves.
Their experience is captured in their own unique video delivered in a choice of formats for any social platform.

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Innovation in storytelling

Our tailored solution means we can tell stunning brand stories
with experiences that are memorable, shareable and on-message.


Technical Production

Automated post-production housed in a low cost pod experience delivers effective, high quality storytelling, making your audience the star.


Cloud-based render engine captures iPhone content for easy implementation. Bespoke app runs a seamless, cost-effective multi-pod activity.

Campaign Localisation

Our system allows for local language adaptations, meaning multiple voiceovers and messaging can be applied to the same campaign content.

Real Time Data

A centralised portal allows producers to monitor user data per activation or holistically as a complete campaign for more easily trackable ROI.


How it works

Capture user details and preferences for GDPR compliant processing.

Physical green screen booth for immersive film studio experience.

Cloud rendered, automated special effects, grading and sound-mix.

User emailed personalised content to share across all social channels.


Campaign examples

We have a proven track record delivering global rollouts of bespoke campaigns.
Each has been concepted from the ground up to create a unique brand experience.

Hit the NOS

Fast and Furious 8




Test your limits



Pets Match

The Secret Life of Pets