Tactical brief

The Royal British Legion approached Stellar with a challenge: To create an awareness campaign and photo opportunity for broadcast media to announce the launch of the 2016 Poppy Appeal, using 4 short films telling young veteran stories to ask the public to rethink Remembrance… In just two weeks. 

Creative idea

 We wove this new generation of stories into a compelling film that culminated in a contemporary poppy animation, bringing the Legion up to date. To support the idea of challenging perceptions, we built an interactive optical illusion installation between St Paul's Cathedral and the Stock Exchange to premiere it. Multi-screen monoliths allowed people to explore for different perspectives on the content and watch all the screens unite as one. 

Engaging results

Thousands of shoppers, brokers and tourists averaged an incredibly high dwell time as they engaged with the content, played with perspective and found the best spot for full-screen viewing. Social media bloomed with poppy posts and #RethinkRemembrance trended on Twitter.
The press liked it too:
"Fantastic installation" -  ITV, Good Morning Britain
"The stark black columns rising from the middle of the square demand attention" - BBC News Online
Picture of the Day - The Telegraph