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Poppy Appeal 2017


The hero on your street


For this year’s Poppy Appeal the Royal British Legion wanted to draw attention to the thousands of ordinary people who receive support in unexpected ways and everyday places.


Picked up by major and local TV
and press in UK and abroad



Awarded Silver for Integrated in the Creativepool Annual 2018


Built millennial audience through social content delivery


Say it with poetic poppies

Our response was to write the poem In Flanders Fields in 3.4km of poppies and scatter the lines across the British Isles and beyond, reminding the nation that Remembrance is not just for the fallen but for those living all around us. 


Poppies to the people

The nationwide installation created a modern memorial, with drone-filmed TV and online content highlighting our diversity and forging the link between the poppy we wear and the community it helps, in real time.


Changing perspectives

This infamous poem is a memorial to the fallen. Our modern reading in different regional accents, reminds us to honour not only the dead but remember the living here on our doorstep. In their diverse voices, the words live on in our imaginations, charged with new hope.


Blooming good results

All UK broadcast and online media channels made space for our content, some placing it intact into their schedules, others editing the b-roll footage into their own extended reports. 2017 was the first year BBC Breakfast featured the Poppy Appeal launch and The Guardian awarded it Picture of the Day. Our client was happy too:

“Throughout the project the team at Stellar remained calm, professional and utterly dedicated to getting us the best result possible. They genuinely understood the importance and the opportunity and cared about getting it right every bit as much as we did.” - Jane Clancey, Royal British Legion