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Pets on Pets


Can you keep a secret?


Believe it or not, pets have a lot to say about other pets.
We find out what they really think about each other,
with in-character commentaries from the cast of Secret Life of Pets 2.


23 territories

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75 films

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58% Facebook VTR



In their animated sequel, Illumination reveal more of what pets really get up to when left to their own devices. Max the dog and friends embark on a grand adventure, but as anyone who owns a pet knows, and the internet has revealed, real life is slightly dumber. So what would the movie Pets think of these videos?

Secret Life of Pets 2 Formats

Unexpected relevance

We rounded up the best user content from hundreds of LOLcats, Doggos and [insert collective term for rabbit gifs] for the movie voice cast’s commentary. Max on cats. Chloe on stupid dogs. And Kevin Hart as Snowball on his fellow super-pets. Bringing the characters into a familiar world for unexpected cultural relevance with family audiences.


Puppy power

Over 23 of Universal’s territories placed the content across their channels, with exceptional performance indicators. In the UK the Facebook View-through Rate was 58% and Instagram 31%. Well above the benchmark of 23% VTR.