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Courage has no limits


In NBCUniversal's vertiginous blockbuster Dwayne Johnson performs a death and physics defying stunt to end all stunts, jumping from a supercrane into a burning building. To engage as many audiences as possible, we created two live experiences that intuitively drove to social content.


9 markets & 33 activations

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12K videos

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4 million views


Test your limits

In the first experience audiences literally hung with the Rock in their very own personalised cinemagraph.

Users could check their angle on the iPad screen as they gripped a steel bar above the green-screen floor.

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Sharing has no limits

As the content was downloadable we estimate the tracked figure of 1.2 million combined views to be even higher across the dark social platforms mainly used by our target audience.

Blockbuster production

Our cloud-based system automated the post production and personalisation of user content captured in 33 locations across 8 global markets.

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Don't look down!

To give audiences a sense of vertigo our second experience put them in the scene of Dwayne's leap of faith using 3D photography on floor and wall wrap vinyl.


Scale it like a supercrane

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The campaign started in London where Comic Con attendees tested their limits and shared on social, and then rolled out as toolkits across SE Asia.

Fully scaleable, an effective elevator floor version suited locations with smaller footprints.


Calling all kinds of heroes

We created two ads starring the man himself to promote whichever stunt each market activated.  

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