Xperia E3


Breaking new ground

The launch of Sony's Xperia E3 was aimed squarely at tribal youth. Its camera's ability to capture 31 frames in one click of the shutter firing the imagination for their creative, carefully curated leaders. 


800K organic views in social


 B-Boy championships partnership


Bespoke content
produced for dancers


Fancy phonework

This audience and their idols love sharing their best angle. The E3 catches every frame of the action. 

So we handed the phone to up-and-coming breakdancers and, instead of choreographing a slick ad, just filmed them capturing each other's moves. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.12.02.png

Content for the creators

The final edit generated hype for the E3 and the B-Boy Championships. We even gave the dancers their own individual stings, which they couldn’t wait to share with their million fans.