Xperia Z3


Tease me

Sony came to us with their highly anticipated Xperia Z3 smartphone, tablet and compact smartphone launch... Landing one week before the iPhone 6. They needed the maximum amount of buzz, no holds barred.


500k + views in 3 days organically



Concept created mass coverage in face of apple iphone launch



Diversive clues created
huge amount of comments


Hype it up

Sony's early adopters were waiting hungrily for any news of the latest handset and its features. 

We decided to create a teaser video around the theme of ‘hype',  peppered with subliminal clues and hints to spark their imagination.


Feed the machine

After 2 days and zero media spend, we had 364,000 hits, with fan speculation spiralling out of control.

In fact, the teaser was so popular that Sony had to drop its YouTube ranking to allow visibility for the actual launch video.