Jimmy Choo - Diamond Sneakers

Love the dynamic of this video and how engage the user to his content.

To showcase the pioneering, playful and provocative nature of the DIAMOND Sneaker release, this film captures the high energy and technical footwork of two modern street dancers. It’s time to step into diamonds. It’s time to be moved.

Melt your Toys

Burger King is the latest global company to undertake an initiative to save the planet. Their latest UK campaign aims to rid the country of useless plastic toys and put the material to good use. They’ve even had a jibe at rival McDonalds and their Happy Meal giveaways. All for a good cause! Or so they say…

Huddle up with the Dallas Cowboys

Be part of the team with the Dallas Cowboys AR photo opp. Select your favourite players and watch as they huddle round you for a team photo.

The Dirtiest Porn Ever

Pornhub believe ‘the dirtier the better’, but even the biggest adult site in the world have realised there is a limit to how dirty one should go. In their latest campaign, they (like so many brands at the moment) have pledged to play their part in saving the planet. They’ve approached this project at quite an interesting angle (excuse the pun) whereby they've obscured the nudity with litter and you the viewer can clean up the beach - and reveal the explicit content - by watching their videos.

Movie Trailers You Can 'Feel'

Universal America challenged themselves to create a trailer for their movie Jason Bourne that engages its audience on another level. Working with agency, Immersion, they were able to harness the powerful technology technology in our phones to utilise the haptic feedback system (intelligent vibrations). What they were able to deliver (to anyone with an Android phone) was a trailer you can ‘feel’. Every car crash, jump and landing could be felt in your hand as you watch the trailer, skyrocketing user engagement.

Immersion have since worked with a number of brands in creating these haptic videos, posted on their website here.

Unfortunately, there is a great Universal case study video that is only available on Love The Work. Log in and watch it here.

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 17.24.02.png

Samsung's Digital Playground

“There aren’t any tills at Samsung’s new store in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross, nor are there rows of tablets lined up with price tags.”

Samsung have opened up a brand new unconventional tech store in shiny new urban retail space Coal Drops Yard. Unlike your traditional tech store, the brand invites users simply to “play”. Whether it’s competing in a virtual reality F1 race, or decorating the walls with digital graffiti, Samsung have gone all out with their experiential marketing ideas and their goal to “bring technology to life.”



Having visited the store, the most interesting talking point was the Samsung Project Cars 2. Two hi-tech experiential driving seats that move, tilt and vibrate in reaction to a racing game that plays through your VR headset. This technology is the closest you can come to driving without getting in a car - casting potential for future collaboration between Samsung and Universal to promote our favourite vehicular action movies?

Breakfast porn :)

To promote Mcdonald's Egg McMuffin, I worked with TBWA, on a campaign consisting of 15 'oddly satisfying gifs. This project shows all my graphical search, as a director's cut.

Special tks to Adrobski for this awesome sound design !!

Adrobski: - Insta : https://www.instagram.com/adrobskimusic/

SoundCloud : https://m.soundcloud.com/adrobski

ECDs: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Creative Director: Maud Poilpré
Creative Lead: Nicolas Barrès
3D Illustrator: Matthieu Braccini
Sound: Adrobski

Costa Flavour Rooms

To introduce their new ‘Proper coffee in a can’ costa opened a flavour rooms to determine your match from a series of questions related not to coffee, but your social choices. Such as; “How would your friends best describe you?” And “What is your perfect date.”

Once your flavour had been established, you would be given a card to go to the corresponding doorway and enter the photo opp area.