Schnuggs Are Here

Over the past couple of weeks it’s been difficult to avoid the ads. McDonalds have gone head-first into a full scale 360 advertising campaign for their latest new product: Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Whether they’re burning a hole through your morning newspaper or poking fun and streetwear advertising on Snapchat, Mcdonald’s have covered all of the bases for their 16-24 target audience. The Spicy Chicken McNuggets - or ‘Schnuggs’ as the brand have abbreviated them to - have been tried by the masses and many have been sharing their experience on social, which is everything a brand could ask for. Here’s a taster of the ads below, and with over half the team hitting up Maccers within the space of 24 hours on the week of their release - they fast food giant must be doing something right.

Helter Skelter in Norwich Cathedral


A cathedral has installed a 55ft-tall Helter Skelter in its nave so that visitors can enjoy a better view of its ornate roof.

Rev Canon Andy Bryant, of Norwich Cathedral, said “I had the slightly risky thought of ‘I know this is amazing, but actually the ceiling at Norwich Cathedral is every bit as wonderful’.”

However, it hasn’t been welcomed with complete positivity - having been accused of being unprofessional and "poisoning the medicine" a church offers. But the cathedral said it was a creative way to share the story of the Bible.

Peaky Blinders Fan Art

To get fans of the show excited, the BBC have released a series of fan art which they commissioned ahead of season five's air date. After more than 1,000 submissions, they whittled it down to just 16 finalists.


McDonald’s Unintentionally Designs Cups With Sexual Overtones


McDonald’s recently debuted adorable cup designs for a variety of ‘McFizz’ soft drinks available in Japan. To make them appear more suitable for the warmer weather, McDonald’s Japan decided to unleash new designs depicting an innocent summer romance.

Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 13.00.42.png
Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 13.00.49.png

Volkswagen: Piano Staircase

In 2009, Volkswagen caught people at their most musical by turning a subway staircase in Stockholm, Sweden into a giant piano when nobody was looking. The next day, each step produced the sound of a different piano key as people climbed up and down the stairs. The campaign was a part of "The Fun Theory," which suggests people are more likely to do something if it looks fun. As a result of the stunt, 66% more people chose the stairs over the escalator at that particular subway terminal.

T-Mobile: Angry Birds

In Barcelona, Spain, T-Mobile set up a booth where people could use a new phone and play Angry Birds. They got a phone that looked like it was just attached to a big screen – but when they launched the bird on the screen, it turned out to be a real-life version of the game, and a giant Angry Bird-shaped ball shot out of a box.

Pepsi: Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi set up an “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” in central London that was full of surprises for commuters. A video screen that looked just like a glass panel of the bus shelter would suddenly surprise people with air silly but realistic augmented reality videos, like a massive tentacle popping out of the pavement or a queue of UFOs gliding down the street.

“We know drama”

TNT was a new television station in Belgium and their tagline was “We know drama”. They set up a big red button in a quiet square in a Belgian town that people could press to “add drama.” The people in the square were treated to a rather dramatic scene indeed — which only got more ridiculous as time went on!

Heineken’s “3 Minutes to the Final”

Heineken’s “3 Minutes to the Final” took place in a supermarket in Santiago, Chile, where a pretty presenter asked men if they would like to go to the Champion’s League final. The ones who said yes were given half a ticket and three minutes to race around the supermarket and find the person with the other half. All they were told was that the number nine had something to do with it. Talk about doing the groceries at rush hour!