Creative Mornings - Iona Inglesby

You share 99.9% of your genetic code with every other human on earth. This leaves just 0.1% of your genes (Dot One %) which make you.. you. 

She set up her start up
DOT ONE is a concept born from her scientific background and the design inspiration from the scottish tartan who rappresent different clans/family. 

She partnership with Helix, a coompany that allows you to upload your DNA in their database and have the access to a sort of DNA app store, where you can find a tons of apps that use your DNA in differents ways. Pretty cool :D

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 11.14.07.png


Death - CM theme of the month

Ivona explored the Death theme from her design and scienctific background.
Life is a concept impossible to define in an accurate way, because life is an infinite change that ever since, pushed humanity to the eternal youth research.

She talked about this Swiss company, Blue Brain, that is trying to rebuild human brain into a AI machine. It's just a matter of lack of the right processor that is holding them.

Here is an interesting talk of the director of Blue Brain, Henry Markram.

>> A 10-part documentary is being made by film director Noah Hutton, with each installment detailing the year-long workings of the project at the EPFL. Having started filming in 2009, the documentary is planned to be released in 2020, after the years of filming and editing have finished. Regular contributions from Henry Markram and the rest of the team provide an insight into the Blue Brain Project, while similar research tasks across the world are touched on