Ralph Schraivogel - swiss posters BOOM!

Swiss graphic designer Ralph Schraivogel is often considered one of the most accomplished poster designers of recent decades. Winner of the very prestigious Chaumont International Poster Competition in 1996, 2010 and 2017 (as well as a raft of other international design prizes), his posters are now in the permanent collections of museums such as the MoMA in New York and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 

“I just saw possibilities, what has been done, not done and why not, and I also had this thing that I was “anti” Swiss design. I was told by an older designer I was spoiling Swiss style – spoiling the grid – but I was very proud of this, I thought it was the right thing to do.“ 

The swiss design not "SWISS"
I find Ralph Schraivogel's work is expressive and experimental – his early work rejected the restrained approach displayed by the big influential Swiss graphic designers who came before him. It's pretty cool to see how he warp and trasform the type on his posters!