Cannes 2018: the ones to watch

As the Lions International Festival of Creativity celebrates the industry's biggest achievements of the past year, these are among the leading contenders for the top awards.

Our industry’s tectonic plates are moving faster now than at any point in the past 30 years. Everything about our business is shifting under the weight of the digital revolution. As our world slips and slides, it’s worth taking a moment to pause, to celebrate creativity and the innovative, groundbreaking thinking that clients covet and the human race demands.

The future for the agency business may be simpler, more connected and entrepreneurial, but attracting and exciting the next generation of talent requires the magic that only creativity can deliver.

On the eve of our industry’s greatest celebration of pure creativity, let’s put a spotlight on the brilliant people and ideas creating transformational business impact and forging lifelong emotional relationships with people.

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My personal fave, Audi's "Clowns"

A blunter metaphor can be found in Audi’s "Clowns" (Bartle Bogle Hegarty), a farcical film that stars a cast of clowns to represent the real clowns that drivers encounter on the roads every day. The troupe wreaks havoc on the › streets in exaggerated, comical fashion, throwing dangers in the path of an Audi at every turn. Thanks to Audi’s technology, the antics cause no harm. It’s a joyous illustration of the auto-maker’s groundbreaking safety features, and certainly one to watch.