Lighting a fire under British culture

We talk about entertainment here a lot, and what it means. The term entertainer gets thrown around a lot too, but Keith Flint earnt every accolade. There’s no doubt Liam Howlett was a visionary producer but he was no front man. When other superstar dance act like the Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Orbital retreated behind vast light shows, The Prodigy came up with a more radical solution. Keith was one of Liams rave mates, a backing dancer they thrust to the front. What seemed like a remarkable leap of faith on Howlett’s part turned out to be inspired: whatever qualities Howlett lacked as a performer, Flint had in abundance. He became a manic presence on stage. He memorably described his revised dancing style as “using my body to shout”. The result turned them from being a bit of a joke to the backing track to a generation, they seemed to be perfectly timed with the mood of the nation. He came together with his close friends and created something greater than the sum of its parts, in the process they changed the game. Remembering the original Firestarter.