Jimmy Choo - Diamond Sneakers

Love the dynamic of this video and how engage the user to his content.

To showcase the pioneering, playful and provocative nature of the DIAMOND Sneaker release, this film captures the high energy and technical footwork of two modern street dancers. It’s time to step into diamonds. It’s time to be moved.

Huddle up with the Dallas Cowboys

Be part of the team with the Dallas Cowboys AR photo opp. Select your favourite players and watch as they huddle round you for a team photo.

Movie Trailers You Can 'Feel'

Universal America challenged themselves to create a trailer for their movie Jason Bourne that engages its audience on another level. Working with agency, Immersion, they were able to harness the powerful technology technology in our phones to utilise the haptic feedback system (intelligent vibrations). What they were able to deliver (to anyone with an Android phone) was a trailer you can ‘feel’. Every car crash, jump and landing could be felt in your hand as you watch the trailer, skyrocketing user engagement.

Immersion have since worked with a number of brands in creating these haptic videos, posted on their website here.

Unfortunately, there is a great Universal case study video that is only available on Love The Work. Log in and watch it here.

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 17.24.02.png

T-Mobile: Angry Birds

In Barcelona, Spain, T-Mobile set up a booth where people could use a new phone and play Angry Birds. They got a phone that looked like it was just attached to a big screen – but when they launched the bird on the screen, it turned out to be a real-life version of the game, and a giant Angry Bird-shaped ball shot out of a box.

Pepsi: Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi set up an “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” in central London that was full of surprises for commuters. A video screen that looked just like a glass panel of the bus shelter would suddenly surprise people with air silly but realistic augmented reality videos, like a massive tentacle popping out of the pavement or a queue of UFOs gliding down the street.

“We know drama”

TNT was a new television station in Belgium and their tagline was “We know drama”. They set up a big red button in a quiet square in a Belgian town that people could press to “add drama.” The people in the square were treated to a rather dramatic scene indeed — which only got more ridiculous as time went on!

Shazam's Superpowered Funfair

DC’s answer to Marvel’s Deadpool; Shazam is set to kickstart a new franchise focusing on a comical superhero. Interestingly, Warner Bros have picked South Bank as the location for the movie experience - and they claim you will ‘discover superpowers you never knew you had.’ Based in Southbank’s traditional wooden game huts, there will be an array of challenges set to test your skills in all aspects of Shazam’s newfound strengths: Wisdom, Strength, Power, Courage, Stamina and Speed. Other attractions include a voice-activated photo booth and a helter-skelter.

LoveBox Typography

Following the brilliant weekend festival (I had a great time) I stumbled across this piece of online content for LoveBox 2019. Very much a modern forward thinking piece of graphic design with a cool use of kinetic typography and visual effects to create a thumb-stopping trippy video.

Men in Black Hotel

To launch new movie Men in Black International this summer, Booking.com has partnered with the movie franchise to launch a Men In Black apartment. The room is listed on the holiday website as ‘Men In Black: International Headquarters’ and for a limited time gives film fans the chance to actually experience the undercover world by booking into the London apartment for the night.