Helter Skelter in Norwich Cathedral


A cathedral has installed a 55ft-tall Helter Skelter in its nave so that visitors can enjoy a better view of its ornate roof.

Rev Canon Andy Bryant, of Norwich Cathedral, said “I had the slightly risky thought of ‘I know this is amazing, but actually the ceiling at Norwich Cathedral is every bit as wonderful’.”

However, it hasn’t been welcomed with complete positivity - having been accused of being unprofessional and "poisoning the medicine" a church offers. But the cathedral said it was a creative way to share the story of the Bible.

Volkswagen: Piano Staircase

In 2009, Volkswagen caught people at their most musical by turning a subway staircase in Stockholm, Sweden into a giant piano when nobody was looking. The next day, each step produced the sound of a different piano key as people climbed up and down the stairs. The campaign was a part of "The Fun Theory," which suggests people are more likely to do something if it looks fun. As a result of the stunt, 66% more people chose the stairs over the escalator at that particular subway terminal.

T-Mobile: Angry Birds

In Barcelona, Spain, T-Mobile set up a booth where people could use a new phone and play Angry Birds. They got a phone that looked like it was just attached to a big screen – but when they launched the bird on the screen, it turned out to be a real-life version of the game, and a giant Angry Bird-shaped ball shot out of a box.

Hendrick's Gin creates scented tunnel wrap in King's Cross Station


Thinking outside the box, Hendrick’s Gin has partnered with Space to create a "first of its kind" immersive King's Cross Station tunnel wrap. Asking weary commuters to "escape the conventional and embrace the delectable", the campaign will see one of London’s busiest stations decorated with rose and cucumber scented posters, in keeping with the gin company’s quirky gin infusions.

Shazam's Superpowered Funfair

DC’s answer to Marvel’s Deadpool; Shazam is set to kickstart a new franchise focusing on a comical superhero. Interestingly, Warner Bros have picked South Bank as the location for the movie experience - and they claim you will ‘discover superpowers you never knew you had.’ Based in Southbank’s traditional wooden game huts, there will be an array of challenges set to test your skills in all aspects of Shazam’s newfound strengths: Wisdom, Strength, Power, Courage, Stamina and Speed. Other attractions include a voice-activated photo booth and a helter-skelter.

IT: Chapter 2 Experience

To mark the return of the terrifying movie franchise, IT: Chapter 2 will be taking over London Vaults in Waterloo to spook its audience. Horror movie fans will be free to explore 11,000 sq feet of movie sets hidden in the vast maze of disused railway tunnels. There will be nine themed areas, where visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the chilling world of Pennywise the clown. Open from 6th September, the experience seems to be in the perfect scary setting for an equally scary movie… but will it live up to the hype?

Desperados: ‘Epic Parties Imagined by You’

As part of the beer brand’s ‘Epic parties imagined by you’ series, Desperados claimed to have launched the largest-ever video light show. Upon arrival, guests handed over their mobile in exchange for a beer. Following this, the phones were linked up and played synchronized animations in time with the music. Different from the experiential marketing of today as it removes the element of social media to share the experience online, this activation succeeds in creating an entirely immersive experience that has been designed by consumers.

Xbox: Survival Billboard

To promote the exclusive Xbox game ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’, in 2015 the console brand challenged eight members of the public to an endurance test in a stunt dubbed ‘Survival Billboard’. Great example of an engaging piece of experiential marketing.


Men in Black Hotel

To launch new movie Men in Black International this summer, Booking.com has partnered with the movie franchise to launch a Men In Black apartment. The room is listed on the holiday website as ‘Men In Black: International Headquarters’ and for a limited time gives film fans the chance to actually experience the undercover world by booking into the London apartment for the night.