The opportunity

Nuisance calls are an increasing pain in the collective British bum. We were tasked with starting a movement and changing legislation. No biggie! If we could generate enough awareness and hit their pledge target, Which? could then pressure the government to debate the problem and ultimately change the law. 

Beautifully cohesive idea

We decided the best way to light up the conversation on the issue was with a great big disco telephone, with the simple call to arms: We’re #CallingTime on nuisance calls. Shoppers were encouraged to vent their frustration by pushing a ‘STOP’ button on the phone, registering a pledge with their own LED light.

Stellar results

We collected 6,000 live pledges and 30,000 media impressions, sparking a movement that now totals over 125,000 pledges. As a direct result of the Which? Calling Time campaign, the government has announced an Action Plan to change the law on nuisance calls. Result.