ZICO needed to differentiate itself from the wallpaper of ‘sporty’ or ‘tropical’ coconut waters to the elusive 18-35, gym flirting, urban female… For city dwellers, the everyday is a gruelling event. From battleground commutes to slalom shopping malls our daily lives take it out of us, almost as much as the gym, especially in the run up to Christmas. But what life takes out of you, ZICO puts back. 


Calling all bus sprinters, escalator climbers and last-minute dashers – we are all the Everyday Active. Our rallying cry extended through the line from a rousing social media movement and a radical outdoor campaign showing Londoners they didn’t have to hit the gym before needing refuelling. 


With a total reach of 90 million, #TheEverydayActive became a mantra for a genuine movement, with yoga raves and hula-hoop championships carving a niche for the brand and a social media legacy that grows an average 9% each month. The concept was even picked up wholesale by the mothership, Coca-Cola in the US, who adopted it as a platform for ZICO’s global strategy.